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Beach Weddings Just Around the Corner

What better setting than the backdrop of a breathtaking blue sky and the rays of sun reflecting on your soon to be's skin.  Just imagine holding you beloveds hand and saying "I Do," as the symphony of the ocean is playing a melody that no one else has ever heard before.  This can be the wedding of your dreams and Just Wenderful can make it a reality. 
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See yourself holding one another as you start that new chapter in a journey that will be full of life.
Summer Wedding Dresses - Beach Wedding Dresses | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
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Simple and elegant will captivate your groom with the natural beauty he fell in love with.

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Play along with your ocean and beach surrounding with the elements that you will encounter.
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Shoes are always optional for a beach wedding .

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Receptions on the beach are perfect for a summer wedding.  With a white color scheme you will never go wrong with letting the natural surrounding be your dash of color. Indulge in these next ideas for that impeccable ´╗┐reception.
White Linen Wedding Table Setting by the Beach. Turquoise sea.  #turquoise #coastal
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Beach Themed Wedding - Guest "Messages in a Bottle" Table
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 Brides: Beach-Themed Wedding Cakes | Jami Plummer of Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes  | Photo credit: Chudleigh Weddings
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I love the idea that Southern California has great weather for a beach wedding but why stop there? Make it a destination beach wedding so you and your guests can truly make your wedding a memorable one. On that note let the planning begin!

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