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Mad Men Your Wedding!

"Make it simple, but significant"- Don Draper.

With the classy and elegant style that the past has shown us no wonder we always want to go back to the irresistible fashion it brought.  For those that have been waiting to see what knock-out outfit Joan will be wearing or what sharp looking suit Sterling will be showing off, here are some amazing ideas for that Mad Men Wedding you can definitely make yours. And because every great wedding starts with a memorable engagement let the Mad Men theme begin.

Via Weddingchicks

 "Madly In Love," is a definite for that announcement for your upcoming nuptials.
 Via Evonnedarren

This is definitely a different idea for your engagement pictures if you are trying to get away from the usual beach setting.

Via Chic Vintage Brides 

The Birdcage is such a soft touch to give you with the accessory you need for that 50s/60s look.

Via Pinterest
 What man wouldn't look sharp in a 3piece suit.  Think outside the box with colors other than black.

Via Shop Caster

Check out this emerald color dress great for a bridesmaid. She will totally want to rock this look for a hot date after the wedding day.
Via Pinterest
What a dazzling idea for the mix match bridesmaids. Staying in the era and making everyone look fabulous.

This picture says it all for that precious flower girl.  
Cute look for the flower girl! 

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