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Astilbe Love

Once in a while I am enamored with a new, certain type of bloom.  My classic favorites will always be anemones and ranunculus but I also have billy ball and dahlia love. Check out the posts for more inspiration.  For today, let's drool over these.

 via Buddgardens.com

They come in a pretty dreamy white, lavender, purples, and pinks.  I love them mixed in with other flowers...

via Style Me Pretty

...or just by themselves.

via Chic Vintage Brides

Isn't it perfect?  I just love the flowy, softness of it with so much texture.  You can use them anywhere too.  As aisle markers...

via Style Me Pretty

In centerpieces...

via Lace and Tea

...and more bouquets!

via the lane

Gorgeous right?  Can't wait to have a wedding with these beauties around!

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