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Pantone Color of 2013 :: Emerald

As you may or may not know the Pantone color of 2013 is...emerald!

Via Washington Post

I'm fond of it because it's my birthstone but not completely sold on using it in weddings with the exceptions of a few color schemes.  I think it goes great with blacks and golds so I'll be working on some palettes with these colors.  In the meantime, here is some gorgeous emerald inspiration.

I want this dress!

 Via 100 Layer Cake

Too much?  Might be, but she sure can rock it!

Via Green Wedding Shoes

Both images via Ruffled

I love this totally out of the box wedding/engagement ring!

Via Melissa Joy Manning

Via SB Chic

 Via Azul Sahara

It's such a bold color!  It's starting to grow  on me but again, it has to be used in the right combo.  Agree or disagree?

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