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Personal :: Maternity Shoot

I get to share my maternity shoot this week because this is THE week!  My due date is December 13th but I've been willing her to come 12-12-12.  We shall see!

The very talented and sweetest ever Rita of Clifton Photography took these and I'm in love with ALL of them.  I usually have a shoot of myself for family or for work and if I get 100 images back, I'll be lucky if I like 10.  This was not the case. :)

She captures the light so beautifully!  Can't wait to share these with Iz when she's older, but for now I'll settle with having her here to put these shoesies on and see her play with her crochet elephant.

Outfit change!  The bump pops out a bit more with this dress and I love Jesse's dad shirt!  Can't wait until he lays eyes on his little girl.

 "Ya better not mess with MY princess!"

I haven't posted lots of baby stuff because I know this is a wedding planning blog but I just had to share!  I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek into our personal lives.  Thanks again to Rita!  So in love and so ready!

Happy, happy week everyone!

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