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Blushing Bridesmaids in Muted Tones!

One of the recent trends we've been noticing this year that I think we'll carry over until next is bridesmaids in complementing blush and neutral color tones.  We've even seen white bridesmaid dresses and although before that would have been faux paus, we are loving how the end result!  The whole party looks so soft and ethereal when using soft hues.  We love it and we've picked out our favorite shots that we've found on the web!

Via Pinterest

Via ILoveSWMag

Via The Bridal Detective

via Style Me Pretty

I love this flipped version of the bride wearing blush and the bridesmaids wearing white!

 Via WeddingChicks

 Via Green Wedding Shoes

Via Style Me Pretty

Or all white?  What do you think?  I love it!  And now that Spring is around the corner, I do expect to see some more color but I'm still loving the soft, pastel hues.

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