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Veluz Wedding Gowns

When I first laid my eyes on a Veluz wedding gown,  I seriously could not stop starting.  The intricate details on her gowns are just to die for.   And when I say intricate, I mean intricate.

Although this bridal designer doesn't have a site that I know of, she has a blog and she's from the Philippines.  I'm thinking vow renewals over there?  :)

I think I've shared this image before but it's just so gorgeous, I can't help it!

Images by Veluz Reyes

I think most of her work is a little more covered up and traditional so there's a little more room for intricate tops.  I do know that she works with bride abroad so...that's great news!

Last 2 images via her Facebook

I definitely believe she will blow up pretty soon.  Her images are gorgeous, don't you think?

                                                                     Happy Friday!

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