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Looking Back via Instagram

As an Instagram addict, I get lucky I can document some of the pretty things in life.  Here are a couple of my favorite latest shots.

I've been visiting the flower market lots lately.  First off it was for a 50th birthday party then it was yesterday for the Wine 661 Wedding Boutique event.

I got to reuse some for our little foodie group my friends and I get together for.  I know right?  Nerds!  Foodie nerds at least!

Now you're jealous right? :)  Another thing to be jealous about: sunny, SoCal sundowns!

This next picture was a last minute project for one of my brides.  She needed invites in under a week and I did something for her and had way too much fun embossing and choosing envelope liners!

And now to the more personal.  I have a handful of nieces but these are the babies of the bunch I love so much!

Meet the almost newborn Jasmine!  I hadn't played with my 7D in a while so it was time...

Hooray for pretty, happy things! 

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