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Happy Friday!

I was sifting through my wedding pictures and I felt like sharing one today!  It's a little bit of a personal day as today would have been my mom's 63rd birthday.  Miss her everyday but I know she's looking down on us!

Ignore the seaweed!  It will be 3 years this summer and  I still want a do-over every year like that one basketball wife! 

Oh and I have to give a little shout-out to a fellow blogger Cris, of Kiss My Tulle as she just recently lost her dad in the midst of her wedding planning .  Same thing happened to me and it definitely dampens the whole planning process.  My mom passed away 2 months before and all of a sudden my inspiration and happy planning was out the window.  Some family members even asked if I was cancelling which made me question myself.  Keep strong Cris!  He's happily looking down at you and believe me, he will be there there, always.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!  It's finally dropping below 70 degrees here in LA and it's starting to feel a bit like winter (not that I'm happy about it).


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