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Planning Tips :: The Bar Tab

Wedding costs are already up so where is it that you can save some bucks?  The bar tab!  If you're budget doesn't allow an open bar, here are a coupe of our suggestions.
The latter is my favorite because you can come up with such fun drinks!  Choose your favorite drinks or concoct a drink that matches your color scheme.  If I had to choose a drink for my guests, it would  have to be either a Sangria, a vodka gimlet, or a lemon drop.  The husband would probably go for an amber ale beer or a Jagermesiter (ew) based drink.

Via Etsy

After pulling all nighters and doing some difficult research, here are a couple fun drinks I've found.  This one's fun and delicious!  I actually tried an strawberry jalapeno one at this year's Knot part and it was delicious!

via Downtown Pheonix Journal

 From one of our past shoots, spiked lemonade:

Smita Photography

Style Me Pretty

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?  Cheers everyone!

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