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Wish Upon a Wedding Blissful Wishes Ball

On September 21st, we attended the Wish Upon a Wedding Gala at the Richard Nixon Library.  As always is the case, the entire event was just beautiful!  Here are the latest recaps we have:

Here's our president Kevin Covey.

Images by Troy Grover

I've always been proud to be part of this organization that wishes weddings to couples where one is terminally ill.  Here's a piece from The Bella Bambino's blog straight from Lisa, the newlywed wife and our last recipients.  Audrey from The Bella Bambino donated a dress for their daughter and her daughter attended our gala.  After her mom's speech, she gave a big shout out to them for giving them such a "pretty, pretty dress".  Such a heart warming story, hop on over there to read it all!

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