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Meet Rocio!

Meet Rocio: our newest team member!

She was one of our models for one of our recent shoots with Marisol Aparicio veils too and Little White Book Stylists.  Isn't she gorg?  I asked her to write a little blurb about herself and this is what she had to share:

I'm a student, worker, and intern who was raised in Inglewood but currently reside in Riverside while attending the University of California, Riverside.  Although my study of emphasis in school is Spanish and Business I have always been extremely interested in things related to hospitality.  My passion goes from event planning to arts and crafts to designing.  I love planning events as well as outings with friends. In addition, I have a passion for baking! I’m still trying to perfect my baking skills but hopefully soon I’ll be an expert. Through my job at the university, I have been able to get some experience by planning a few events. However, school events and weddings are completely different; school events are great but weddings are just beautiful, loving, and touching. I look forward to working with Wendy and having her as my mentor so that I can gain more knowledge about all the essentials of event planning.

Look forward to her posts!  Big thanks to Smita of Smita Photography for these beautiful shots.

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