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Wedding Dessert

I think all the rave's been dessert buffets rather than candy.  With dessert nowadays being designed so perfectly cute,  I can see why and how this trend will stick around for a bit longer.  Last Thursday we went to an open house in Yorba Linda at the Skyline Mansion and we found one of the cutest dessert buffets.  Not only does Andie of Ditzie Cakes design and does meticulous work on her sweets but she can also include an amazing backdrop for it.  As if these weren't enough reasons, she also offers desserts infused with liquors.  I had a coconut cupcake infused with Malibu Rum, and yum!

Here was her display:

So adorable!

The sugar flowers are just perfect!  Andie also had truffle cake pops which were pretty much to die for.  The cupcakes were also not just yummy but too pretty to eat!

I love my cakes but if you have a dessert buffet that looks like this, I'm sure a cake won't be missed!

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