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Tuesday Shoesday + Mid-August Instagram Wedding Updates

I am dying to know if anyone has seen these before because I am IN LOVE!  I can't for the life of me find who makes them!  If you do know, please let us know!

They're gorgeous!  You don't have to be getting married for these right?  I want them!

We have a couple 2012 weddings that we are fully planning and designing that we are head over heels about!  This past week we visited one of our sites that had a ceremony area that I couldn't pass by.  Our bride wasn't sure of having it in that location but it's just truly perfect!

It's a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere and it has the most beautiful, natural backdrops.  A couple weeks ago we were laboring over these poms for a wedding that we are just dying to see!

Actually, their engagement should be coming up soon!  We just got to sneak peek from the photographer's site and we are in LOVE!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!  Follow us @justwenderful on Twitter if you're not already!  :)

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