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The Perfect Addition: Wedding Centerpieces

Happy to share one of our intern's first post!  Welcome Rocio!

Wedding centerpieces are always a great touch to a reception and it is something that your guests will love. They add extra energy to the room and become a wow-factor to your reception tables. As we all know, an arrangement of flowers seems to be the most common centerpiece. Flower centerpieces are beautiful but why not try something unique. Having some type of theme might give you the perfect inspiration for a centerpiece.
There are plenty of ideas for you to choose but no matter what you decide, your centerpieces will absolutely look stunning the day of your wedding.
When it comes to centerpieces, I personally love the ones that included flowers or candles. They look elegant and adorable.  There are also other centerpieces besides the usual flowers and candles that are truly stunning.

 via Weddings by Color

 via Wedding Flowers

 via WeddingBee

What type of centerpieces do you love?

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