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Designing Your Wedding!

After getting engaged, making your guest list and selecting your venue, what comes next?  There are a lot of avenues you can take from here.  Perhaps you know who you just MUST have as a photographer and want to start booking vendors to secure your date OR you can start designing your big day!  This is definitely a good time to start thinking about what you've always envisioned in your head and share with each other.  I always suggest to couples to talk about everything from favorite colors to shapes and textures to foods!  Your wedding day is definitely a celebration of YOUR love, so why not add the personal touches that have made you both who you are today.  Appreciate your heritage?  Show it off!  Traveled together a lot?  Name your tables after the places you have visited.  It's your story, your celebration!

Via Ruffled

Now that you have selected a venue, the venue also will nod you to the right direction.  Next to beach?  A casual theme will be perfect.  At a 5 star hotel, you'll usually have a black tie affair!  This can definitely be tough sometimes!  We make inspiration boards for our clients once we get to know them a bit more. 

Take a peek at our other inspiration boards and email us if you need help!  Designing is definitely one of our favorite aspects of helping you plan your day!

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