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Real Wedding: Elizabeth + Paul

So happy to share images of this wedding at the Long Beach Aquarium of Elizabeth + Paul.  This one was definitely a special one because the groom had a very special surprise for his lovely bride.  We would meet and when she would get up for reason a or b, he would update me on his surprise.  It was exciting!

 First look!  I always love these shots and the expressions they make when they first see each other!

 It's a big whale!  We had a whole 2 hours to transform this venue after it closed...talk about time crunch!

Here's the big surprise.  Paul had rented a baby grand piano and got Matt Giraud to come and perform!  Even Paul sang for her!  Seriously, this guy loves his girl and he wasn't afraid to show it!

I hear Mrs. Liz is now expecting!  Congratulations to you both!  Can't wait to see that baby bump!

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