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The Sweetest Eye Candy...

  ...I saw last week was...

Isn't it lovely?  From the light, to the bouquet, to the veil...

And of course, the models were gorgeous!  I know this pretty lady - it's Tashina!  One of the bestest stylists ever!
Thanks to Tessa for allowing me to share.  She is the brains + beauty behind Tessa Kim Birdcage Veils and Accessories.

Here is the list of the fabulous vendors behind this lovely shoot:

Birdcage Veils: Tessa Kim
Feather Accessories: Charlotte Kruse
Florals: Suzan Merrill & Jennie Bower
Jewelry: Jenny Dayco
Graphic Design: Mintwich Design
Makeup + Hair: Michelle Cheng and Virginia Valverde
Photographer: Marilyn Nakazato and Candice Benjamin
Wardrobe Stylist/Designer: Tashina Hunter


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