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More on Bridal Trends!

My eyes have been glued watching updates from the bridal market and from our post yesterday, short dresses are still everywhere.  Tulle and flowy, light fabrics are also seen on lots of gowns.  I remember there was a time when we were so done with tulle.  It's baaack!

Here are more short dresses I loved!

Both of these are Chaviano Couture, pictures from Weddings Unveiled.  That second one has pockets too!

 Anne Bowen

Priscilla of Boston via WeddingBee

Ines Di Santo

Here are some gowns with lots of tulle/organza fabric.  Flowy and dreamy, le sigh!

Anne Barge via WeddingBee

Chaviano Couture

Both the last two are Ines Di Santo.  This next one will blow your hats off!

Priscilla of Boston

Say what?  Isn't it amazing?

I loooooove Ines Di Santo!  Priscilla of Boston and Anne Barge are definitely up there too.  We;re also seeing a lot of encrusted jeweled dresses and mermaid cut dresses.  More tomorrow!  Hoping to catch some Marchesa goodness!

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