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My Photography Itch...and Some Major News!

I love photography. One of my truest passions since I can remember. What makes even more passion-ate? Weddings. Love. MY love.

Since I've decided this is what makes me the happiest, I quit my 9-5 today. It wasn't really a 9-5 because I worked during the typical LAUSD school hours so it was nice to be out by 3 to take care of my business. I've been thinking about quitting for a while and today was the day I decided I wanted to take this task head-on, bull horns and all. I rolled over to my loving huz and I whispered, "Hey baby...I quit.". He turned around half-asleep and asked if I was sure. Mmmm hm. He's been supportive and has not made me question my decision. Thus, this picture I took this weekend at the Marina del Rey pier. 'Til we grow old!

If all goes well, I'd love to open a consulting boutique next year. I love working from home but a space would seal the deal for me. Here's to making your life your own!

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