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Cyber Monday


My usual Etsy Monday goes in hand with today's Cyber Monday!  I never even knew this existed til a week ago.  I know right, where have I been?

I was watching the news and they mentioned that Black Friday sales were up only 1/2% from last year but a whopping 11% up online sales.  I admit I was one to help.  I'm so done with crowded stores.  I sat on my comfortable couch and clicked away.  Now I only have a few gifts to go and I'm all done. =)

Another trend and advice I'm loving and I've taken is to purchase and support small businesses like the most craftiest and talented peoples on Etsy.  There are a lot of vendors that are offering A LOT of deals, like "Buy two, get one free" or "Free Shipping" all until tomorrow.  So please go support!

I've found a couple of random wedding items that are oh-so-lovely and offer great shipping!

Via Little White Dress

It's called "Greek Goddess Headband".  Maybe I love it so much because it resembles mine?

Mojito Fizzing Bath Ice by PureIntox.

$9 for 60 pieces.  You can make some cute "pamper yourself" gifts for your bridesmaids' gifts.

Did I tell you my huz lost his ring a month after our wedding?  I know!  I'm over it though.  Although it hurts my pockets to see it gone, it's just a ring.  I'm not sure if I should get him another one just yet but if I would look at this!

 Via Naturalezanica

It's organic with a 14k gold inlay and only $116.  I'm not sure he'll like the gold, but they have others available.

And on this note: A year from today my huz asked me to be his wife on a ferris wheel.  So...Happy Engageaversary Baby!  I ♥ you!

This was right after he asked!

Happy cybering, err...shopping everyone!

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