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Halloween Networking Bash

Last night we had the awesome privilege to attend the Halloween Networking Bash that was hosted by The Stylish Soiree, Sweet & Saucy Shop, Mint Photo Lounge, and many more! It was a lot of fun to see some new faces and meet a lot of the top Los Angeles wedding vendors.

I just had to share these photo strips with ya'll courtesy of the Mint Photo Lounge.

One of my lead planners, Ray. Born in the same time period.

I just had to take a pic with Dana, from Broke-Ass-Bride and Tami from Celebrate. Hope you a have a speedy recovery Dana! She dressed like a preggers, Tami was the one and only, Michael Jackson and I was a flappah'. The night was truly fun! I met so many people and even at that, I missed meeting a lot more!

More photos also on Meg Perotti's blog here. See ya'll tomorrow with our first inspiration board!

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