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Etsy - Bound!


I've been a bit busy crafting so I can open up an etsy shop! I want to do a lot more but I'm not sure what else I'm going to include/make. I'm starting with these tags, aren't they pretty?

This idea started when I had a flip flop basket for my wedding, and I added some damask tags to each pair with "Jesse & Wendy" on the back. Besides this, you can use for gift tags, items you might sell...there are endlesss things you can do with these. I have more but I haven't fixed em' up yet. When I put them up on Etsy, you will be able to choose the ribbon color as well! =)

This weekend we also had my bro-in law's birthday carne asada. Yuuuum! I made some fruit infused tequila and some table decorations. His wife said we should go with a Steeler theme, so black and yellow it was...

Doesn't that look mouth-watering? It was! You can say I slept well that night, lol! For the little candy jars I got lucky because I found them in the 99 cent store. I bought lemonheads (yum!) and black licorice jelly beans (EW!) and wrapped the top of the jar with some black ribbon I had laying around and ta-da! I've had this creativity spunk ballin' out! I need to get back to it, before I get stuck on this couch on this last week of vacay! Noooooooooooooooo!

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