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Addicted to...

Once again, I am so addicted to Le Love that it inspred me to share this:

This was us @ the Santa Monica Pier pre-engagement:

We had had a fallout, and this was the day I had decided to move back in with him. He took me to dinner and we walked around. I pleaded him to take a photobooth picture with me, and he, as always is the case, refused! He wanted to get on the ferris wheel so we made a deal, photobooth for ferris wheel? Done.

Ferris wheel time came and...

It was the best feeling knowing that I was coming back home to someone who wanted to spend the rest of their life with me!

*Now do you see why we just had to have a photobooth at our wedding? I would've had a ferris wheel too if I could have. He asked me to be his wife on a ferris wheel because our first kiss ever was on one @ the Irvine Spectrum exactly three years from then. Aren't you just melting? =) I kinda am all over again...

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