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How I love thee...


Amy Michelson! This dress, "Lace Up" was the dress of my dreams...until I found out the price. I still love you though! Maybe I can rock it for my 25th Wedding Anniversary? Right. Let's make that our 5th!

I got an email yesterday with all her new dresses! Look at these beauties!

{Opening Night Gown}

{Love Me Tender Gown}

{Sweetie Gown & Veil}

{Grace Gown}

{Charmed Gown}

{Diamond Gown}

{Bouquet Gown}

{MGM Gown}

These are all so romantic! I love the lace! I think my favorite are the last two! Which are yours?

P.S. You can find them here:

Kleinfeld 646.633.4300
Mon Amie 714.546.5700

Trunk Show Dates:
August 7-9


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