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Bean Love!

Via Punam Bean

Aren't these some cute tats? Yup, these are Punam Bean and her hubby's matching tats! I just love her photography. What I love more is that she gets personal with her blog sometimes. She even shows you how she started her wedding photography business while away from her husband 90% of the time, thus, the telephone tats! Pretty harsh! I don't know if I could hang being away from my hubs thaaat long... Read on: http://lonelypoo.squarespace.com She's hilarious!

A couple weeks before our engagement, we decided we'd get matching tattooed rings. He got his, I still haven't gotten mine and won't until he remembers and insists on it! I already have three other tats so I don't mind, but I want to see him really want me to have it. So far, it's a no-go!

Here they are! Well at least his! It looks pretty squiggly in the picture and in real life. I think we were kind of tipsy when we "designed" his. It's supposed to be a "JW"...I know...doesn't look like it! It's upside down in this pic too, so please, use your imagination! LoL!

I just emailed this to my hubs last night and he copied it on to his desktop wallpaper! I think maybe that meant he agreed? ♥ I love Le Love! *Le sigh!*

Oooh and once again, if you have any wedding, e-session, and/or trash the dress shoots you'd like featured or anything at all related please email me at wendylmed at gmail dot com!

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